About me

My name is Kaloyan Bozhidarov Pavlov.
I have 10 years experience as a front-end developer, creating responsive websites
using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
In my past experience I have obtained an eye for detail and appreciation for design
and typography. I specialize in front-end development and WordPress integration but
my knowledge and experience of multiple fields allows me to work on a project with
the full scope in mind.
The work I provide is of highest quality, tested in a wide range of devices and fully
responsive. I take great care to ensure my projects are well-documented and easily
maintainable so you can enhance a website as your company grows.
In my opinion front-end development of a website is overlooked, a project combining
both design & back-end development at the end narrows down to the layer that your
users interact with, from my experience it is the most important to get it right.
I create responsive websites that allow the user to experience your website in the best
and most appropriate way suited to the device they are using. Writing semantic
markup that is documented and easy to read can be maintained and scaled in the
future, and also helps my colleagues to quickly work with it.
My fields of expertise are web & app design, branding, search engine optimization,
mobile design for iOS & Android, cms wordpress & ecommerce magento development
and integration, concepts & wireframes, graphic design, print & layout, web hosting
and router networking.
My front-end build process involves the use of tools such as Sass , Gulp, Markdown,
and NPM to speed up development.
I can quickly and efficiently join your team using continuous-integration with methods
and tools such as Git, Podio, Trello, and test/behaviour driven development.
Have experience working on a freelance projects, together with developers with
NodeJS, React, Phonegap, Ruby on Rails.